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Personal Injury

A personal injury is a physical or mental injury to a person that is the result of someone’s negligence or harmful act. Many possible scenarios may result in a personal injury or a wrongful death. Some of the more familiar include:

  • Auto/truck/motorcycle/boating accidents

  • Aviation accidents

  • Medical malpractice

  • Dangerous or defective products (product liability)

  • Workplace accidents (workers’ compensation)

  • Exposure to toxins

If you have incurred a personal injury, or if a member of your family has suffered a personal injury or wrongful death, it is in your best interest to seek legal counsel in order to protect your rights. Whether the underlying circumstances of the injury or death constitute negligence or intentional harm, you may be eligible for monetary compensation for losses and damages.

Compensation for Losses

As highly experienced personal injury attorneys, the lawyers at Freese & Goss understand that a severe personal injury or wrongful death can affect all aspects of someone’s life, including their health, employment, emotional well being, finances, quality of life, and family relationships. We feel strongly that a fair and complete resolution of a personal injury or wrongful death case must include compensation for losses in all of these areas.

Personal injury victims and the families of a wrongful death victim are entitled to recover monetary compensation for all losses and expenses they incur as a result of the harm or accident that caused the injury or death. The compensation may cover the following:

  • Medical bills and rehabilitation costs

  • Wrongful death of a loved one (e.g., spouse, parent or child)

  • Physical disability, disfigurement, scarring

  • Mental disability and/or emotional trauma

  • Lost wages and/or loss of earning capacity

  • Pain and suffering

  • Loss of enjoyment of life

  • Loss of love and affection

  • Embarrassment or humiliation

The connection between an accident or harm and the ensuing personal injury or wrongful death may not be obvious. In addition, a personal injury may or may not be immediately apparent immediately after the incident. Some injuries, such as diseases, take time to manifest. Similarly, wrongful deaths do not always occur immediately after the injury or harm.

If you have any doubt or concerns about whether your circumstances constitute a personal injury or wrongful death case for which compensation would be appropriate, you can contact our firm for a free consultation. We’ll go over all the details of your case with you to determine your options. It’s best to seek advice sooner rather than later, since there are statutes of limitations (essentially deadlines) for filing a legal claim regarding a personal injury or wrongful death.

Settlement or Trial

In many cases, a negotiated settlement will provide a fair solution to a wrongful death or personal injury case, avoiding the time, expense, and emotional turmoil of a court trial. You may not have to appear in court at all.

Freese & Goss: Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Attorneys

When a personal injury or wrongful death has traumatized you, it’s crucial to obtain experienced and compassionate legal counsel. The lawyers at Freese & Goss have the skills, knowledge, and experience to help you at this difficult time. Contact us online today to arrange a private consultation — we look forward to talking with you.

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